Silent Generator: Noise Limit For Generator in India

The generator generates electricity to help you complete your work without interruption, but the generator is a device that makes too much noise to operate which is a very dirty experience for the people working around it. Therefore it is important that you try to buy the best silent generator. With the help of silent generator canopies, you make your generator quieter. Nowadays, many companies are manufacturing generators with canopies.

Surely, generators have become necessary at the present time. Generators apply almost everywhere from homes, offices to industries. However, most generators generate noise in the running cycle. This noise can be harmful to the human ear and can give rise to many problems. That is why the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has set the permissible noise level in India for various regions. Therefore, before purchasing a generator, people should be aware of the permissible noise limits so that they can select the ideal soundproof generator suitable for their region and condition.

Most of the generators come with a soundproof silent generator canopy. It is basically a closed box construction that minimizes the generator’s noise. Silent generator canopy for generator ensures that the sound produced by it is attenuated so that it does not affect people in the proximity.

Noise Level Management For Generator

The Pollution Control Board has set the noise level for different regions in view of the noise of the generator. In industrial areas under the rule, the permissible limit is set at 75 dB during the day and 70 dB at night. And in commercial areas like this, it is 65 dB during daytime and 55 dB at night, while in residential areas it is 55 dB and 45 dB during day and night respectively. Additionally, a category called ‘Silent Zone’ has also been defined which includes areas that are located within 100 meters of the premises of schools, colleges, hospitals, and courts. The allowable noise limit in this area has been set to 50 dB during the day and 40 dB at the time of night. As per CPCB rules, the maximum allowable noise level for a generator with a rated capacity of 1000 kVA is 75 dB. In addition, there must be an acoustic enclosure for the diesel generator.

The allowable noise level in India

AreaPermissible noise level standards in the daytime (dB)Permissible noise level standards at the night (dB)
Industrial Area7570
Commercial Area6555
Residential Area5545
Silent Zone5040

What is the Noise Level?

Any undesired sound that makes bothering and torment the human ear is named as noise. Noise is estimated in dB (A) which demonstrates the commotion of any stable. Commotion level alludes to the decibel levels of noise that is delivered by any device or machine. When all is said in done, the human ear can endure noise levels up to 85 dB and anything past that can influence their efficiency just as their personal satisfaction. The decibel levels of regular sounds over 80 dB are considered as ‘uproarious’ while the decibel levels of basic sounds between 100-125 dB are named as ‘awkward’. Along these lines, every one of the machines working in a zone should deliver noise inside the satisfactory commotion level to keep up the prosperity of the individuals around them.

Depending on the noise level of the generator, the generator is classified into three types-

  1. Silent or soundproof generator
  2. Generators with noise levels less than 75 dB
  3. Generators with noise levels less than 120 dB

# Silent or Soundproof Generator

The silent generator is those fitted with a soundproof enclosure. Which includes solid materials that help absorb noise and turn it into heat energy. This way the noise of the generator can be prevented from contaminating the atmosphere. The silent generator is ideal for use in silent areas like school, hospital, court, etc.

# Generators with Noise Levels Less than 75 dB

It is natural that the more electricity the generator produces, the more noise it produces. Therefore, if you want a generator with a high rated capacity, then you have to be prepared in advance to deal with some noise issues. Generators of this type are used in commercial areas because there is a high requirement for power generation.

# Generators with Noise Levels Less than 120 dB

The generators that have noise levels higher than 75 dB but less than 120 dB are ideal to be used in industrial areas. Though they generate a high level of noise than other generators, they can provide more power output which is essential for big manufacturing areas and industries. That’s why a manufacturer would most likely use this kind of generator.


Noise is a very dirty experience for the human ear, due to this, the ears may get clogged. Nowadays generators are being used in every region. And you know that the generator produces noise in running. In view of this noise pollution, the government has made some rules so that noise pollution can be reduced.

You can reduce the noise by using a generator canopy with your generator. In this post, we have told about the noise level.

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