How To Increase The Performance Of The Individual App In Samsung Galaxy S9:

Samsung Galaxy S9 is the most powerful device, launched with the Snapdragon 845. But still, this phone lags because of too many applications or heavy usage. 

It means you will need to know about how to increase the performance of the individual application in Samsung Galaxy S9 to improve the performance of your device. 

However, there is an app developed by Samsung to help you to increase the performance of each application.

The name of this app is a Game tuner and it helps you to increase the overall performance of your Samsung Galaxy S9. Even its name is Game tuner but it can increase the performance of any app that is installed in your Samsung Galaxy S9, with this it also improves the battery life.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to increase the performance of the individual app in Samsung Galaxy S9, so read the complete article very carefully all the steps are given below.

How to increase the performance of the individual app in Samsung Galaxy S9:

Sometimes it is possible that your flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S9 performance becomes very low due to the too many applications and you feel lag all the time then in this situation you should increase the performance of the application to do this follow all the given steps.

Step1: Download and install the Game Tuner application:

  • First, turn on mobile data or connect your Samsung Galaxy S9 with the internet.
  • Then open the Play Store and search for the Game Tuner application 
  • After this click on the install button to download and install this application on your Samsung Galaxy S9
  • When the download and install process is completed then open this application on your device

Step2: Add applications:

According to its name by default, your all games will be added to this application, so don’t need to add again all your gaming apps. But you can add all other applications to the Game tuner. Follow all the given below steps to add applications.

  • Open the application
  • Click on the tab named as Non-Game Apps
  • Then tap on the Add/Remove Apps option
  • The list of your complete apps will be shown
  • Now you have to select the application that you want to add
  • Or you can add all apps
  • When you select the app to add then click on the Save button

In this way you can easily add any application in the Game Tuner to increase the performance of your Samsung Galaxy S9, so first find out which application you want to add and then add it.

Step3: Select a mode:

You can get different mode and it is difficult to select a mode because every mode has different functions. Now click on the Modes tab and the list of modes will be shown to you.

Basically the Game Tuner app works by changing the screen resolution on the basis of application; because of this your device processor doesn’t need to work hard.

In the list of modes four options are present, the first one is “Maximum quality” but it won’t change anything. The second option is “Balanced quality”, it drops screen resolution to increase the performance of your Galaxy S9

The third mode is “Maximum power saving”, this mode decreases your frame rate to 30fps but I don’t recommend this option. 

The fourth mode is “Smart settings” and in my opinion, this mode is the best one because it will change settings according to your battery life. Now it depends on you which mode you want to select, after choosing the mode click the save button.


Now you can enjoy the extra performance of your Samsung Galaxy S9. Also with this, you will be able to maintain the same level of performance when you are using the Smart mode and you don’t need to worry about keeping too many tabs at a time. 

With the help of Game Tuner, you can increase the performance of every application of your Samsung Galaxy S9; I hope this article will be helpful to you. If you have any questions related to this then you can ask us with the help of the comment section.

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