Best Historical TV Shows to Watch in 2020

TV shows have entertained us all for decades. Various genres appeal to various audiences in different ways, based on their preferences. Among the various genres, historical shows are especially difficult to produce, as the entire set needs to be recreated. Additionally, it is important to stay true to historical events. Various TV subscriptions are available which offer various channels as a part of their packages.  Check out your local cable tv packages to enjoy channels that air these shows and many others, dialing Spectrum customer service number is bound to take half the burden off your shoulders.

Here are some of the best historical TV shows you can watch in 2020

The Crown

This has to be one of the greatest historical TV shows ever made, and most of the credit has to go to the exceptional acting on display. Showcasing the era of Queen Elizabeth II, this show follows her life story through an expected journey of six seasons. It shows her life during her younger years to her life as the reigning queen of England. Claire Foy keeps the audience captivated in the lead role, as does everyone in the cast, including John Lithgow and Helena Bonham Carter. The show has garnered major praise due to its accurate portrayal of historical events, along with the brilliant direction and cinematography. This one is a must-watch!


Originally aired on the History channel, this famous show follows the story of the legendary Viking hero Ragnar Lothbrook. Vikings have always been a source of intrigue for people of all ages, due to their notorious ways of living and survival. This show captivated audiences with its plot twists and action sequences. People all over the globe fell in love with it. As the story progresses, the story focuses on the exploits of Ragnar’s sons and their lives in medieval Scandinavia. The shield maidens fighting alongside their men in battles also earned positive attention.


This show is based on a critically acclaimed series of novels focused on a time traveler and his adventures. A married World War II-era nurse is teleported back in time around 200 years in Scotland, where she meets the charming highland warrior played by Sam Heughan. The incredible depiction of despair, tragedy, and recovery portrayed in the show keeps the audience engaged throughout every episode. Various seasons target changing historical scenarios and how people from the future can affect the happenings of the past. A breeze of romance accompanies the lead protagonists during their exploits, which makes the characters more relatable.


Frontier, based on the American fur trade of the 1700s, has accumulated much speculation over the past couple of years. Jason Momoa has to be enough motivation for a number of people to start watching the show since his appearance as the dashing Aqua Man, and he plays the lead role in this show. His character Declan Harp is an outlaw who plans to breach the Hudson’s Bay Company in order to disrupt their monopoly on the fur trade. Available in 4k Ultra HD resolution, the action sequences in this one are sure to sweep you from your seat.

A Place to Call Home

Bevan Lee has created an Australian Drama series set in the period following the 2nd World War. The story follows the life of a struggling woman who comes back to her home country after two decades with the hopes and aspirations of starting a new life. The story unfolds, and she gets into a feud with a wealthy noble. The theme of the show largely revolves around affection and despair set after the era of a war where people try to recover and start anew. The last season of the show will be aired this August, so be sure to follow up on it if you’re looking for a melodramatic viewing experience.

Peaky Blinders

Taking audiences by storm upon its premiere back in 2013, this British show depicts the aftermath of World War I. The show focuses on the deeds of the Shelby family, who are notorious for their gang-related activities. At the same time, the authorities suppressing the gang are also portrayed, and thus we get to witness both sides of any situation. As the series progresses over the years, we observe the gang’s activities spreading over new areas as the authorities try to suppress them. The cat and mouse scenario in this game of humor and wit keeps the audience wanting more.

These are some of the best shows you can enjoy this year. Some of these shows are nearing their conclusion, so be sure to pick up the pace so you can enjoy the close to the story along with the rest of the world. Along with entertainment, these shows are also a great source for learning historical events and facts, coupling education and entertainment for a better viewing experience.

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